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Healthcare logistics for professionals by professionals

The healthcare sector is innovating and growing globally. But market conditions are becoming more difficult. In many healthcare systems, money is increasingly tight and healthcare logistics is a promising support. Service providers such as doctors, therapists and hospitals are required to select drugs, medical devices and medical consumables based on price. While this increases the cost pressure on you as a manufacturer, there are also extremely high demands on quality, availability and thus also on healthcare logistics. Out-of-stock situations have to be avoided, and product deliveries by air freight or with an express surcharge are not uncommon.

Highly sensitive healthcare logistics is an area of tension in which excellent logistics solutions are required. At Lila Logistik, we are at your side to advise you on all logistics-related issues, both in terms of consulting and operations.

Depending on your requirements, we operate healthcare logistics directly in your facility and production (in-house logistics solution), in very flexible solutions with other customers in a warehouse infrastructure (multi-user solution) or in single warehouse locations installed 100% to your requirements (dedicated logistics solution). 

Choose from our individual value added services for your business


  • Repair and reprocessing of medical devices
  • Batch-controlled warehousing
  • Complete batch tracking
  • Hospital logistics 
  • Regional supply concepts
  • Express handling
  • Supply Chain Hygiene
  • Validated WMS
  • Highest safety standards
  • Dedicated technical staff
  • GMP and 13485:2016-certification
  • GDP-Zertifizierung
  • FDA-Zertifizierung

MÜLLER | DIE LILA LOGISTIK designs and implements individual, flexible and scalable warehouse logistics solutions for your business model - across all distribution channels (business-to-business, business-to-consumer, direct-to-consumer, multichannel, retail).

We would be happy to advise you on this.




Robert Dubiel

Head of Internal Sales

Phone: +49 7143 810 522

E-Mail: robert.dubiel@lila-logistik.com

Auszug unserer Beratungsansätze

  • Steuerung und Überwachung der kompletten  Inbound-Supply-Chain (Control Tower)
  • Bestandsoptimierung
  • LDL-Management
  • Logistik Cockpit 4.0
  • Materialflussplanung
  • Netzwerkanalyse und Transportkostenoptimierung
  • Outsourcingstrategie,  Make-or-Buy
  • Simulation
  • Strategische Lieferantenintegration
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Supply-Chain-Audit

Auszug unseres Dienstleistungsportfolios


  • Inhouse-Logistik
  • Kanban, Supermarktnachschub
  • Kommissionierung
  • Leergutmanagement
  • Lieferanten- und Modulcenter Abwicklungen
  • Line Feeding
  • JIT-/JIS-Produktionsversorgung
  • Bestandsverwaltung
  • Versandabwicklung
  • Cross-Dock-Lösungen
  • Dock- und Yard-Management


  • JIT- und JIS-Verkehre
  • Nationale und internationale FTL Transporte
  • Milkruns, Round Trips
  • Shuttle-Verkehre
  • Track & Trace mit GPS-Ortung
  • Werksverkehre

Value Added Services

  • Vormontagetätigkeiten und Baugruppenmontage
  • Steuerung der kompletten Supply Chain (Control Tower)
  • Bildung von Warenkörben oder Sets
  • KLT-Reinigung
  • Umpack-Dienstleistungen
  • Qualitätskontrollen
  • Prüf- und Aufbereitungstätigkeiten
  • Disposition und Bestandsüberwachung (VMI)
  • Lead-Logistics-Provider
  • Komplettradmontage