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Our logistics for your electronic equipment

The electronics industry provides impetus and drives innovation in a wide variety of areas. As a manufacturer of products or supplier of electronic components, you therefore have no time to lose. You need to keep the time-to-market for new electronics developments short and distribute your products quickly worldwide. To do this, you need a logistics partner who keeps up the pace, and that's Lila Logistik.

Our logistical experience with electronics and finished products ranges from handling the smallest components to finished products of household electronics to ready-to-use medical devices. In addition to speed, the electronics industry often requires skillful handling of a wide variety of parts, and safety and care are always important. Whether inbound or outbound, we design logistics processes and warehouse systems accordingly. We also control the processes for taking back (reverse logistics) electronic products or components, take used equipment off the market for you and prepare it for sensible further recycling.

We establish or operate electronics logistics according to your wishes directly in your premises and production (in-house logistics solution), in very flexible solutions with other customers in a warehouse infrastructure (multi-user solution) or in single warehouse locations installed 100% to your requirements (dedicated logistics solution). 

Choose from our individual value added services for your business


  • Labeling and bundling (kitting) of various electronic products 
  • Assembling
  • Software refueling und Staging
  • Assembly, repair as well as return and reconditioning of electronic devices at dedicated assembly and repair stations
  • Installation, transport and configuration of electrical equipment
  • Technical quality control
  • Demo Pool Management
  • Battery handling
  • Antistatic bearing
  • Nitrogen storage for preservation

MÜLLER | DIE LILA LOGISTIK designs and implements individual, flexible and scalable warehouse logistics solutions for your business model - across all distribution channels (business-to-business, business-to-consumer, direct-to-consumer, multichannel, retail).

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Robert Dubiel

Head of Internal Sales

Phone: +49 7143 810 522

E-Mail: robert.dubiel@lila-logistik.com


Auszug unserer Beratungsansätze

  • Steuerung und Überwachung der kompletten  Inbound-Supply-Chain (Control Tower)
  • Bestandsoptimierung
  • Electronics-Logistikdienstleister-Management
  • Logistik Cockpit 4.0
  • Materialflussplanung
  • Netzwerkanalyse und Transportkostenoptimierung
  • Outsourcingstrategie,  Make-or-Buy
  • Electronics Logistik Simulation
  • Strategische Lieferantenintegration
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Supply-Chain-Audit

Auszug unseres Dienstleistungsportfolios


  • Electronics-Inhouse-Logistik
  • Kanban, Supermarktnachschub
  • Kommissionierung
  • Leergutmanagement
  • Lieferanten- und Modulcenter Abwicklungen
  • Line Feeding für Electronics Produktionen
  • JIT-/JIS-Produktionsversorgung
  • Electronics Bestandsverwaltung
  • Versandabwicklung
  • Cross-Dock-Lösungen
  • Dock- und Yard-Management


  • JIT- und JIS-Verkehre
  • Nationale und internationale FTL Transporte
  • Milkruns, Round Trips
  • Shuttle-Verkehre
  • Track & Trace mit GPS-Ortung
  • Werksverkehre

Value Added Services

  • Vormontagetätigkeiten und Baugruppenmontage
  • Steuerung der kompletten Supply Chain (Control Tower)
  • Bildung von Warenkörben oder Sets
  • KLT-Reinigung nach Electronics Normen
  • Umpack-Dienstleistungen
  • Electronics Qualitätskontrollen
  • Prüf- und Aufbereitungstätigkeiten
  • Disposition und Bestandsüberwachung (VMI)
  • Lead-Logistics-Provider
  • Komplettradmontage