What we do for our customers

The business cases by Lila Logistik will give you an insight on how we implement our holistic logistics solutions in actual cases and create value for our customers.

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Consumer Goods

Whether industry or trade, the consumer goods sector is characterized by dynamics. Consumer behavior and wishes are constantly changing, and competitive pressure is extremely strong. If you offer the right product or are quick at the point of sale, it's great. It's the best if you succeed the same tasks while still being as cheap as possible. Decisive for your success, therefore, is to combine procurement sources and relevant distribution markets in a logistically intelligent way. That's what we are. 

We, at Müller -Die lila Logistik, design and implement logistics solutions that react flexibly to changing market conditions and are reliable. Because shortages, especially in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or in seasonal business, cost you sales. In order to ensure the availability of requested goods, we keep an eye on the entire supply chain, including all involved players. In addition to transparent inventory management, our portfolio also includes services such as complaint and returns processing, pricing, and labeling. 

Some of our consulting approaches

  • Operating and monitoring of the whole spectrum of inbound logistics (Lila Control Tower)
  • Inventory reduction / Working Capital Management
  • Service provider management
  • Logistics Cockpit 4.0
  • Material flows planning
  • Network and transport analysis
  • Outsourcing strategy,  Make or buy analysis
  • Simulation
  • Strategic supplier integration
  • Supply chain security
  • Supply Chain Audit

Some of our logistic approaches

Contract logistics

  • Inhouse logistics
  • Kanban, supermarket principle
  • Commisioning
  • Container management
  • Supplier and module center management
  • Line feeding
  • JIT / JIS production supply
  • Inventory magement
  • Distribution logistics
  • Cross dock solutions
  • Dock and yard management

Transport logistics

  • JIT and JIS transports
  • (Inter)national FTL transports
  • Milkruns, round trips
  • Shuttle rides
  • Track and trace with GPS routing
  • Internal plant traffic

Value Added Services

  • Pre-assembly services
  • Operating the whole supply chain (Control Tower)
  • Creating sets for production supplies
  • Container cleaning
  • Repackaging services
  • Quality controls
  • Disposition and container management (VMI)
  • Lead logistics provider
  • Wheel assembly