What we achieve, we achieve together 

We are team players by default. Managing a business responsibly requires brave and smart decisions. From our point of view, it's best to work together in the complex and dynamic economic environment. The executives of Müller - Die lila Logistik complement each other in their skills, their perspectives, and their characters. What they have in common: a passion for innovation. They are in constant communication with each other and strive for a successful company future. This can mean doing things differently than others. The positive development of the corporation in recent years speaks for the team of three. It is accompanied by a board of directors, which includes industry experts, business experts, and experienced company employees. 


Michael Müller, CEO

Company founder, Michael Müller, is the visionary and strategist of the company. Through the consistent orientation of services to customer requirements and to future possibilities, he is constantly advancing the company. Getting better is second nature for such a passionate athlete, who also takes his social responsibility seriously. 

Essential Positions

  • Apprenticeship as a forwarding agent at Schenker 
  • Studied Business Administration with a major in Logistics at the University of Nuremberg 
  • Stayed abroad in Eastern Europe 
  • 1991: Construction of today's Müller - Die lila Logistik AG
  • As Chairman of the Board, he is responsible for strategy, sales, consulting, and corporate communication

Rupert Früh, CFO

The financial expert, Rupert Früh, thinks and acts systematically. When it comes to financial issues, he always keeps a cool head, weighs for and against with caution, and is clear with the decision. In order to meet current and future challenges, the company attaches great importance to the qualification and further development of its employees. 

Essential Positions

  • Studied Economics at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst
  • Staff and line tasks at Bayerische Hypo-Bank
  • Corporate client advisor at Südwestdeutschen Genossenschafts-Zentralbank AG
  • Head of group controlling of a medium-sized corporate group 
  • Since February 2003, a general representative and as of March 2004, CFO at Müller - Die lila Logistik responsible for services (Finanzen, Personal und IT)

Marcus Hepp, COO

Marcus Hepp stands for operational excellence. He ensures that the Lila logistics services are not only well-intentioned but also, well-made. In his personal dealings, he is helped by a clear value system as well as his high emotional and social competence. This inspires and motivates employees. He thinks critically and laterally, and is always open to new ideas. 

Essential Positions

  • Studied Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Nürtingen and Compact Logistics Studies at the German Logistics Academy in Bremen
  • Management at a medium-sized software manufacturer in Filderstadt and Gildemeister AG in Bielefeld
  • Various staff and line functions at Lila Logistik, including Managing Director at Lila Logistik, under Müller - Die lila Logistik Polska Sp. z o. o., in Gliwice, Poland from 2006 to 2008
  • From October 2008, he acts Chief Production Representative and since January 2010, he acts as a member of the board, responsible for operations 

Supervisory Board

Prof. em. Peter Klaus, D.B.A. Boston Univ.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board 

Essential Positions

  • Graduated in 1968 as a forwarding merchant Abschlüsse als Speditionskaufmann with a diploma (Kfm.) at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • "Doctor of Business Administration", Graduate School of Management, Boston University, Boston/Mass., USA
  • "Master of Science (Transportation)" Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge/Mass., USA
  • Until 1990, Professor of Business Adminstration at the University of Applied Sciences, Pforzheim. 
  • Since 1995, the head of the Fraunhofer Working Group for Technologies of the Logistics Service Economy (ATL),  Nuremberg
  • Since 1990, Professor at the Chair of Business Administration, in the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Erlangen/Nuremberg, emerit. 2009.
  • From 2000 to 2006 , Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Müller –- Die lila Logistik AG
  • Since 2007, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Müller –- Die lila Logistik AG
  • Mandate
  • Member of the Advisory Board of Nagel Logistik-Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Versmold

Christoph Schubert

Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Essential Positions

  • Studied Business Administration in Tübingen and Münster
  • 1987: Graduate of Business Administration
  • 1992: Appointment as a tax accountant
  • 1997: Appointment as an auditor 
  • 1987 – 1994: Commerzial Treuhand GmbH, WPG/StBG, Oldenburg
  • 1994 – 1997: Conti Treuhand GmbH, WPG/StBG, Oldenburg, Prokurist
  • 1997 – 2005: WP/StB Sozietät Brandau & Köster, Dortmund, Partner
  • 2005 - 2013: Rölfs RP Partner AG, WPG, Dortmund, Partner
  • seit 2013 Husemann Eickhoff Salmen &Partner GbR, WP/StB/RA, Dortmund, Partner
  • Since 2014 supervisory board member and Chairman of the Audit Committee
  • Mandate
  • Member in the Board of Directors at Kath. St.-Johannes-Gesellschaft Dortmund gGmbH, Dortmund
  • Supervisory board member at the Cardiac Research Gesellschaft für medizinisch-biotechnologische Forschung mbH, Dortmund
  • Regular occupation 
  • Tax accountant and auditor, Dortmund

Per Klemm

Member of the Supervisory Board

Essential Positions

  • Apprenticeship as a gardener of ornamental plants 
  • Stays abroad in Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands
  • Different activities in Sales, Development, and Production 
  • Studied Agricultural Science at the Agricultural College Delft in Holland 
  • Since 1999: Executive Partner at Selecta Klemm GmbH & Co. KG
  • Since June 2004: supervisory board member at Müller –- Die lila Logistik AG
  • Mandate
  • No more mandate