We ensure your business model

The 21st century is marked by a multitude of social and economic challenges. Globalization, shortened product lifecycles, the handling of complex technologies, and the demands for innovation and growth lead to an intensification of competition while simultaneously forming the strategic success factors of an organization. An accelerating pace for change, a shortage of skilled workers, and increasing customer demands are forcing companies to change their business models and value chains. 

What role does Supply Chain Management in your company's success?

Supply Chain Management is defined as the holistic, process-oriented process for fulfilling a sales order from receipt to delivery with all necessary activities and intermediate steps. It consistently delivers significant competitive advantages, including greater customer satisfaction, faster turnaround times, increased product availability, better market penetration, lower product development costs, reduced inventories, and shorter decision paths. The problem is that often, key company figures reflect only the classic-functional organization, so that strategy planning, tactics, and optimization measures are always focused on company sections. Compared to a holistic, cross-functional approach, this means that significant potential for improvement remains untapped.

Our approach to the success of your business model 

We show you the potential along your entire supply chain and implement it - typical Lila - together with you. The foundation for this is an understanding of our customer's business model and the market environment. This allows us to develop conceptual and operative solutions that are tailored to specific customer needs and withstand any reality check. Our aspiration is high quality. Therefore, we question our work every day anew and establish lasting improvement processes. Through a process-oriented supply chain structure, we increase the value-added efficiency in your company. Lila Logistik supports you as a reliable, sustainable partner in achieving your business goals.


Factors for your business model's success

Do you have a large number of suppliers, high frequency deliveries, and production facilities and sales branches around the world? Your logistics must be as thorough as the complexity of the situation.

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In manufacturing companies, logistics is only a means to an end. This is why a holistic assessment of the logistical flow of materials, goods, and information at the production site is often neglected.

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"Knowledge" seems obvious to us and we use the word almost every day. Some talk about knowledge, some about know-how. Structured, up-to-date knowledge is as valuable as gold. 

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We at LILA LOGISTIK think enough is a enough! According to studies, about 60 percent of all decision-makers in German companies see the shortage of skilled workers as a high risk factor.

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