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The term "white paper" originally comes from politics and refers to a catalog of possible courses of action in specific subject areas. Today, white papers are exciting media in the corporate environment. They provide topic-related information about services, solutions, and methods. 

The white papers from Lila Logistik discuss our three decades worth of experience, our corporate history, and the future orientation of our strategic and operational experts, whose aim is to make the solutions for our customers better every day. We would like to share this knowledge with you. Find out about logistics, organization, and supply chain issues in our white paper library. 

The competition is reading, too. 

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chains are becoming more complex and decisive. If you want to save unnecessary costs, you must follow the structure of your supply chain in a logical and orderly manner, successively examine the sub-processes, and find out how you can reconcile them. 

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Transparency Along the Supply Chain

Logistics projects are no longer about simple transports and warehousing. Globalization and changes in customer behavior require completely new ways of thinking and methodologies. 

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Demand-Driven Use of Logistics Personnel 

The skills shortage has arrived in our economy. Only the most attractive employers will be considered in the job market. Employer branding and further education are becoming key factors in companies' success. 

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Implement Outsourcing Projects Smoothly

So outsourcing pays off for you. Now let's begin! But beware, the transfer of business, especially when it comes to such a big change, is full of pitfalls that need to be cleverly avoided. 

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Inbound Supply Chain 4.0

Optimizing your supply chain means integrating new digital opportunities as well. In our white paper, you'll find out about the advantages and objectives of a Supply Chain 4.0, from an example for the inbound sector. 

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Material Flows Planning

Digitalization and automation are changing the way companies generate profits. For example, many logistics companies dream of perfect automation. But does that make sense? 

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