What drives us everyday 

The Lila Mission Statement serves as a strategic compass for achieving our business goals and is made up of our values, our mission, and our vision. The unified conception of our mission statement creates a common orientation and order that helps us to maintain the essence of LILA LOGISTIK and to stimulate steady progress within our company. 

At the same time, the Lila principle breaks the classic distinction between consultation and implementation and the Lila Mission Statement is thus reflected in each of its levels.

Our Values 

Our values are defined in the Lila Constitution - consistent and timeless. This constitution describes the value system for the people in our organization. It ensures that we are constantly aware of the fundamentals of our thinking and actions and that we value and follow these premises in all areas at all times, as consistent and directional principles, knowing that we can measure ourselves over and over again. 

- Rupert Früh (CFO)

Our Mission



Our mission, based on Lila's values, is the foundation of our business priorities and aspirations. It symbolizes the mission that we set ourselves as LILA LOGISTIKS in order to not only meet the requirements of our customers, but to inspire them.




Our Vision


Our vision stands for the long-term, yet concrete, vision of the future of Lila Logistik - understandable, clear, and translatable. It motivates us to continually question our work and to define a quality standard that is unique on the market. Through the interaction of our values and our mission, this creates the Lila Mission Statement, which enables us to come closer to our strategic goals every day.