Report anything conspicuous

You have observed a rule violation in the company, our employees inside or at one of our business partners, or were affected by it yourself. Please inform us. You have the option of sending us your information - also anonymously - in writing via our whistleblower portal.

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Compliance Management System

The set of principles and measures for adherence to certain rules and thus for avoiding rule violations in a company is generally referred to as a "compliance management system".

The compliance management system of Müller - Die lila Logistik SE aims to systematically and permanently prevent violations of rules in the company, our employees and our business partners, and to detect and sanction them. We have established the necessary organizational structures and have the risks consistently monitored by the responsible departments. As part of reporting, the material risks, including compliance risks and compliance measures, are presented and documented. In addition, internal controls and audit procedures regularly determine which further developments in the compliance management system make sense.

We therefore demand from all employees inside and our business partners to respect and follow applicable laws and official regulations. The same applies to internal company instructions and guidelines. The aim is to avoid harming companies, employees, business partners or the general public.

Compliance Reporting System

We have set up a whistleblower system that helps to quickly detect legal and regulatory violations. Whether you are employed by the company or outsourced, you can report compliance violations in the company or any indications about them through an accessible form on our whistleblower portal. You have the opportunity to give your hints anonymously. However, violations tend to be faster and more effective if you identify yourself. We ask for your complete contact details (name, address, telephone, e-mail) as well as all details of the violation (when, where, who, what). Of course, your notice is held in confidence.

Confidential Treatment

Selected employees in the Compliance department receive information from you and forward it to the relevant department in the company for clarification. If there is serious suspicion, we may also consider handing it over to a law enforcement agency. If necessary, we inform other employees as part of the follow-up process, while maintaining confidentiality. The naming of your name or any circumstances that could make you known as a whistleblower is not done to either the accused person or the public. Only in exceptional cases,for example, due to legal requirements or in the case of public proceedings, disclosure of the identity may be required. From the use of the hint portal, you will not incur any disadvantages. However, if you intentionally give false information to harm a person, we reserve the right to take action against you.

Stored Data Period

We only store the information as long as it requires follow-up, or we are legally obliged to store it. Subsequently, the notes are deleted or anonymized, i.e. the reference to your identity as a whistleblower is removed and is not recoverable.

Serious Violations

  • Counterfeiting and manipulation of reports, records, and contracts 
  • Crimes having to do with theft, infidelity, enrichment, corruption, antitrust, and money laundering
  • Violations of securities regulations and illegal use of insider information 
  • Serious injuries to the physical and psychological integrity, or the privacy of employees and human rights
  • Violation of privacy policy 
  • Misconduct in accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing, and accounting
  • Violations of environmental regulations 
  • Advice on discrimination, bullying and (sexual) harassment
  • Violations of occupational and industrial safety as well as of occupational health and safety laws
  • Violations that could seriously damage the company's reputation 
  • Violations from executives and board members 
  • Violations of our Code of Conduct and the LILA Constitution