Unique Logistics Services

Our offer in a nutshell: You get exactly what you need. We at Müller - Die lila Logistik reinvent our logistics services for every customer. What helps us do that is 360° thinking. In the cooperation of Lila Consult and Lila Operating we have comprehensive consulting and implementation expertise. It is based on the five pillars: Management Consulting, Logistics Engineering, Interim Services and, in the operational area, Factory and Route.

Theory or practice? Both! The idea of breaking through the classic separation of consulting and implementation did not happen by chance. After all, the increasingly complex processes in companies demand one thing above all else from logistics: A holistic approach and thus, holistic solutions. In our LILA CONSULT business unit, we advise companies on organizational structures, more efficient processes, and optimum logistics. 

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LILA Operating is just another word for noticeable efficiency. Based on our business model - consulting and implementation from a single source - we derive our operational procedure model. At LILA Operating we implement the designed solutions in our Logistics Service Center. Over many years, we ensure an optimal flow of material and information
for our customers. 

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