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An apprenticeship between source codes and IT infrastructire - what is it that a IT specialist for system integration does?

What does an office look like that's filled with IT specialists? A dark office with unhealthy soda, people in weird clothes and pale computer nerds? The reality looks quite different, so Jannick, one of our apprentices for the IT specialist for system integration in his senior year. In the following interview, Jannick will give us some answers on his experience with the purple working world and why he chose to work in logistics.

Interviewer: Hi Jannick, why did you chose to do an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration?

Jannick: I've always been focused on technology and had a computer when I was still pretty young. The way computers work has always fascinated me and the different ways to connect various systems with each other inspired me and the potential of the internet as well. After graduating middle school, I wanted to to this apprenticeship so bad and started looking for vacancies, because gaining work experience seemed more desireable to me than finishing high school. With this apprenticeship, I basically turned my hobby into my job. 

Interviewer: Why Müller - Die lila Logistik as your employer?

Jannick: The assessment of apprentices and students at Müller - Die lila Logistik includes, next to a traditional application, also an assessment center with different tests, group works and a personal interview. I was 17 years old back then and pretty nervous, too. Already at the entrance doors, the candidates were welcome, everybody was so nice and it didn't take me long to feel comfortable. This first impression was very important and convincing for me.

When the recruiters told me that modern logistics can't live without qualified IT specialists and that Müller - Die lila Logistik wants to foster especially their career, I knew this was gonna be the company I want to work for. 

Interviewer: How can I imagine a typical work day to look like?

Jannick:  A very typical day varies from department to department more or less. Within the different departments, you'll learn things like maintenance and administration of information and communication technology but also their correct support or the configuration of networks. Moreover, you'll answer IT calls and get to help people with their technical issues. Furthermore, you'll get your own small projects and you'll notice that the everyday life can be very diverse. I still think that's super cool. There's not really THE typical day, because every day is so different which also means that the work never gets boring. This, with so many other things, is one of the advantages of an apprenticeship at Müller - Die lila Logistik. Currently, I'm helping with implementing Windows 10 as the substitute of Windows 7 throughout the whole company.

Interviewer: You're in your senior year. Now, when you think back about all the time you've spent working during your apprenticeship, what was your biggest challenge and how did you master it?

Jannick: It was a telephone conference in English with a Polish customer that aquired a new safety certificate due to a law change in Mai 2018. Implementing the safety certificate had to be done on our devices but on the customers' device as well. To do so, I've had to talk to the external service provider of our customer to discuss the configuration of the firewall and my IT knowledge in English really helped me with this. That was one of the many moments I realized how much I grew throughout my apprenticeship.

Interviewer: What does it look like after finishing work - how often do your friends and family want you to help them with their IT issues now?

Jannick: During my spare time, I actually get asked pretty often whether I can help my friends with such issues, because they know that I tend to always have the right solution (Haha). Though, I love to do that, it is my passion anyway.

Interviewer: Do you feel well prepared for the future?

Yes, for sure! I learn new things every day and always get to keep up with innovations in IT. However, this is very important, because the market is in constant change. Müller - Die lila Logistik offers a lot of space for your individual growth and I'd always take the decision to do this specific apprenticeship again.


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