We ensure an optimal flow of goods and information 

The intelligent implementation of innovative logistics solutions. That's the claim of Lila Operating. With our operative services in the areas of procurement logistics, production logistics and distribution logistics, we ensure an optimal flows of goods and information in your company and beyond. We differentiate between goods and process handling (factory) and transport management (route). What you need in preparation for our collaboration: reliability, cost transparency and a methodical pursuit of perfection.

In the future, fewer individual companies will compete with each other. Instead, entire customer-supplier networks will compete. In procurement, production, and distribution logistics, we rely only on:
Our factory supplier logistics centers. 

In the Factory area, we provide logistical services directly to your facility (in-house logistics) or to our own logistics centers (ex-house logistics). In the context of IT-supported warehouse management, we offer value-added services and handle both inbound and outbound logistics services. Within inbound, i.e. the supply of production and assembly sites, our portfolio ranges from the storage of a wide range of components to the assembly of components and the production of small series, all the way to delivery to the production line. This bundling and processing of the material flows keeps your head free for your core business. Outbound, from production to sales markets includes, for example, the production disposal, packaging, order picking, packaging, and for international business, customs clearance. 

Factory - Logistics Solutions in Contract Logistics

  • In-house logistics / plant logistics 
  • Logistics outsourcing (§ 613a BGB)
  • Multi-/Dedicated customer solutions
  • Consignment and supply warehouse
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Inventory management 
  • Value-added services
  • Pre-assembly 
  • Picking
  • Dock and yard management
  • Container management
Every transport company knows the shortest route from A to B. We also find the most worthwhile routes. We develop innovative transport concepts that give your company a competitive edge. 

To us, transport management means delivering goods on time and in the right place in a way that it is neither at the expense of the environment nor of the people. Our aim in the area of route is to drive as little as possible and efficiently combining goods movements. That commitment earned us the 1997 European Transport Award. Our transport concepts are based on business analyses that take into account distance, on-time delivery, loading times, volumes, etc. The eco tour combines the procurement flows of several companies. We supply different customers via milk runs. Cross-docking, i.e. the bundling and handling of worldwide goods flows, reduces transport costs in international business. In the Trailer Yard concept, delivering trucks change the trailer in a time-saving manner. In just-in-sequence traffic, we deliver in sync with production. The result: less cost for everyone and fewer emissions.

Route Logistics Solutions in Transport Logistics

  • National and international FTL transport 
  • JIT/JIS transport operations
  • Shuttle transport
  • Roundtrip
  • Mega-Trailer
  • Track & Trace with GPS navigation
  • Transport control / Control tower
  • Household appliances / White goods distribution
  • Milk run
  • Eco tour
  • Cross-docking
  • Trailer yard management

Do you have any questions? We hope so and we're looking forward to hearing from you.